Airports - #WheresMyWaterFountain??


A growing number of UK airports have water refill points after security. Just take your reusable bottle through security completely empty and fill on the other side. But we think there should be more, with better signage. 

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Where does your nearest airport come on these lists?


These airports have at least one refill point. Staff should be able to help you if you can’t find it. Remember to thank them on social media. This also helps raise awareness that these exist so more people will be prepared to use them. (use the scroll bar at the side of the table below to see them all)


These airports have confirmed that there is a source of water but you need to request it. Ask these airports to do better and install a public water refill point. #WheresMyWaterFountain ??

(use the scroll bar at the side of the table below to see them all)


These airports do not seem to have any water source available, public or private. Ask them #WheresMyWaterFountain ?? They are falling behind in the #Refillrevolution!

Do you know that water is available at any of these airports? Let us know by email or via social media.

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