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We believe the huge problem of plastic pollution requires a whole host of collective, ambitious solutions. Public-infrastructure is a key part of the puzzle in making refill a reality, as it is easily accessible and visible - helping create new social norms.

Support for the Water for London approach is growing:


The Public...

Many people in the UK are now shunning plastic-waste, catalysed by Blue Planet II and 'Dave A' the living-legend (hero alert!). 

Around 18,000 people have now signed our and petitions calling for a water refill network in London. 
Add your voice!

Groups/NGOs etc 

Established charities, activists, and influencers are sharing in our ask. Some of the fabulous groups already engaged are:

British Water is delighted to be an active supporter of this crucial initiative. Reducing the vast amount of plastics in our rivers and oceans must be tackled today, and that starts with each of us.’ Lloyd Martin – Chief Executive

"CleanupUK is proud to support the Water for London Campaign and encourages as many people as possible to engage in the #RefillRevolution."

"It's a simple solution to a problem that is both frustrating and unnecessary in the UK, where our tap water is such good quality. I believe if all Londoners could get behind stopping the use of single use plastic waster bottles, we can see real impact."

"Hubbub supports the valuable Water for London campaign to provide more drinking water points to London to help us move away from single use plastic bottles towards more sustainable options such as reusable bottles. We believe in reducing plastic use, reusing where possible, recycling what you can and always disposing of plastic bottles responsibly so they do not harm our environment".

“We’re keen to join forces to highlight the scale of the plastic problem and highlight a simple solution that would help fix it,” Emma Harrington, Senior Programmes Manager.

  • [...More names coming soon]. 

Get in touch if you're part of an organisation or group and would like to see them join in the Water for London movement.

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