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By building a coalition of support and collaboration we want to make the #RefillRevolution a reality and show there is demand and desire from across society to eliminate single-use plastic bottles!

Here's some ideas of how YOU CAN HELP...


1. #WheresMyWaterFountain 

Use this hash tag to put pressure on rail operators, and TfL, to install water refill points across the London Transport network. Public pressure will help encourage these decision makers to take meaningful and speedy action.

For more details on this, and example posts to use, click here.


If you are using one of the UK's airports find out where you can fill up your bottle, and ask the airports without public fountains #WheresMyFountain ??

For a full list with all the details click here. 

2. Tell Sadiq Khan, TfL & the Rail Operators you are thirsty for water-refill in London! Sign our petition and join the other nearly18,000 people that want to see #waterforlondon.

3. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram and help spread the #waterforlondon love and buzz.
Share, share, share to get friends and family involved!

4.  Volunteer with our little crew, we love having keen people involved. 

Share your time, experience and enthusiasm to create change in our city. Getting involved in this fast moving campaign offers a positive outlet for your inner mischief, riveting conversations with amazing people, energising meetings, late night whatsapp threads….and tasty snacks (sometimes). Tell us how you'd like to help.


5. Ask groups you are part of to support us (see below) - whether it's a national conservation charity or a local community group, your help in rallying support is vital. 


1. Become an allysend us your logo, and a couple of sentences about why you believe in #waterforlondon. 

2. Share the Water for London ambition and petition to your supporters and network - we'd love to feature in e-newsletters and blogs, and can provide guest content. 

3. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram and share our updates to create a groundswell of support.

4. Help spread and speed up the Refill Revolution by using your group's unique position or expertise – get in touch if you would like to buddy-up and bring your skills to Water for London success.

What's Next

1. We hope action in London will inspire other local groups to create change in their own towns/cities. We'll support other campaigners by sharing our resources and learning. 

2. We see airports as a next big step...can you help make this happen?!

...get in touch if you want to share ideas with us or seek our support.

Comment Now...

Do you think water refill fountains are awesome? Do you want to see them at every tube, train and bus station in London? Thought so - let the Mayor of London know your thoughts via the online feedback (only takes a few mins) so we can see all the benefits of a #refillrevolution

Next Event .....


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