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We're a grassroots-movement helping to create a network of accessible water fountains and bottle refill stations across London we also tell you a bit more about how Water for London came about, and who are the folks doing the moving and shaking here. Currently:

  • Water for London is entirely volunteer run. 

  • We have no funding and no party-political ties.

Will Routh started the Water for London campaign with an online petition in September 2017. Will, a long-time London resident, had just returned from travelling in the UK and abroad and was struck by seeing pollution far and wide in the rivers, seas and ocean.
But, he was also struck by how many other countries have water-fountains on easy offer to residents in towns and cities...So - why not London?!

Will soon teamed up with other enthusiastic faces, and we have a small group of around six regular volunteers. 

  • Fran Bernhardt, self-proclaimed sustainable food geek, tap-water fan and recent litter-picking convert.
    Twitter: @goodfoodforwho      Instagram: @goodfoodforwho

  • Emily Howgate, motivated to support caring and connection in our communities, for the benefit of us two-legged folks and all critters, blooms and beasties. Bit of a marine-maven.
    Twitter: @emilyhowgate

  • Justine Rose, passionate blogger on all things sustainability. Envisions a disposable-plastic free city. Challenges rail companies on water fountains and loves a litter pick. 
    Twitter: @Lttlgreenduckie       Facebook: @LittleGreenDuckie

If you'd like to join the gang in volunteering email us.

Since the campaign has launched we've engaged positively with elected and executive officials at City Hall; gained support from bloggers and social media; received nearly 18,000 supporting signatures from the public; submitted official recommendations to several London and national government consultations, garnered allies from like-minded charities and campaigns, - and staged a fancy-dress-delight direct action event! (With, though we do say ourselves, darn fabulous costumes!!) 

....and it's having impact - several of the Mayor’s announcements so far reflect our asks and we're optimistic that - with your support - we can make Water for London a #RefillRevolution reality! ​

Read more about how Water for London went from idea to campaign on this blog from Ethical Unicorn.

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